Print Description (Available Prints)


Although many original works are in private hands or destined for donation, a number of Limited Edition Giclée prints are available for a selection of titles. The works have been professionally photographed and printed in Milan using museum quality Canson support and pigments with Epson Digigraphie® technology.

The prints (embossed dry stamp lower right) are accompanied by a Epson Digigraphie® Certificate, issued and authenticated by the printer, guaranteeing support and pigment quality, format size, total number of reproductions and specific print number of the series. All prints are registered by the author and with Epson.


Important note:

Please consider that this is not intended to be an e-commerce site in essence. Its scope proposes to be more far-reaching and personalized. In this regards, an open invitation is extended to those interested, to discuss the artistic, social and philosophical themes treated (independently of whether interested in acquiring any physical production).



Authorized Digigraphie Certification


Embossed Digigraphie Stamp



Description- Fine Art Giclée Print:

(Imagery and printing done at the FineArts&Events workshop in Milan.)


Print support: CANSON Infinity Baryta Photographique (Rag) 310 gr/sqm


Print Technology, Guarantee and Certification: (LINK - Epson Digigraphie®)



Giclée Fine Art Print


Giclée Fine Art Print


Dichromatics - framed


Print sizes(net)/number of reproductions (available from April, 2015):  Prices on request  (Contact)

 N.B. Any particular requests or clarification can be made with the author through the Contact Form or Email address (kutupe@kutupe.com).