Sculptural Elements


nature has its warmth and its message


Under Construction red-1

(attending to silence)



Wood sculpture elements

surreal variations from sketchbooks
from sketchbooks - surreal variations

Wood - double figure

Wood - iron pedastal

conceptual sketches from sketchbooks
from sketchbooks - structural suggestions and variations

Lenticular wood - iron pedestal

Lenticular wood - iron pedestal

Wood - iron pedestal tris

Partially burnt wood - iron pedestal


"E" - full front view

"E" - detail

"E" - LED lighting, detail

"E" - oxidized iron mounted on vertical cedar wood beam, internal lighting



"E" (2011)

  • Iron: natural & acidic oxidization, mounted on vertical cedar beam
  • L.E.D. back-lighting
  • Commercial & graphic applications (Italy)

graphic and font solutions
accessory graphic & font solutions

Initials AK - right side panel,  lower right corner. Red LED internal lighting

"E" - construction phases

Cutout Cube - couple
Chromatic Iron Cube - untitled project

  • abstract chromatic stains
  • acidic and natural oxidation
  • fine plasma cuts
  • internal back-lighting
  • 360° rotation

Cutout Cube - suspended variation - rendering Legnano (MI)

suggestion for Richard Serra
futurist/cubist, toric study

Cutout Cube samples
Chromatic variations