Sketches & Scraps


the paradox of observation ...

we look at things that are simple, complex or confused

with eyes that are simple, complex or confused

Some youthful figurative observations - a logical starting point.

It is intriguing how there is a precise geometry in nature. Understanding the relationship between objective form and subjective interpretation is a difficult yet revealing task that cannot be ignored if we wish to evolve from infantile to mature perspectives (holistically). It is here that we can find effective methods of artistic revelation and meaningful exchange between artist and spectator (if this is the intention of the artist).

This process can help to comprehend the limits of our physical world, go beyond, and possibly suggest an alternate, but equally legitimate reality where formal realism suddenly appears feebly insufficient. Wanting to delve into these alter-visions for artistic suggestion compels us to seek out necessarily alternate instruments of analysis. As often is the case, looking at the (trans) primitive cultures of the past can, paradoxically, deliver a coherent interpretation of actuality. This principle has often been employed by significant artists of past and has become central in my investigation today. (see Artistic Methods)


What follows is a loosely categorized and partial chronicle of youthful curiosity and inquiry.

 My Demons - better confined to this space

 Bucolic Sardegna - with a "Sicilian" influence 

 Hard to Forget - memory lane 

 Just for Fun - plausible denial 

 Noted People


Objects & Structures

Projects, Thoughts & Doodles - from the notebooks