Copy That


Youthful figurative investigation.

At times, I have labored over some of my preferred (latter-day) artists' drawings (the classical theatrics of Füssli or Mihály Zichy, the intense and suffered introspection of Schiele, Soutine or Mušič, the effective simplicity of Matisse or Picasso). And as with many others, from Goya to Dix, I tried to understand the nature and quality of their observation more than the qualities of their craft.

The compelling impulse was not to formulate a personal style of my own (limiting) but to seek out the diverse methodologies behind their artistic inquiry and make this understanding part of my own opportunities.

Copy That


This on-going investigation would not only pass through the usual "visual" suspects but also through the artistic community of other expressive, abstract and dissonant arts > cinema (eg. Godfrey Reggio), choreography (eg. Xavier Le Roy) and especially music (eg. Schönberg, Bartok or hip-hop).

and it's never been easy - somehow we survive
Matisse, Picasso, Stravinskij, Zappa

 ... and it has never been easy.